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About Diva
DiVA (Academic Archive On-line) is a publishing system for research and student theses and a digital archive for long-term preservation of publications. The DiVA portal is a finding tool for research publications and student theses written at 30 Swedish universities and colleges of higher education.

Open Access 
Open access (OA) means that documents are free of charge on the Internet for anybody to use. The user can lawfully read, download, copy, distribute, print and link to the documents. The users are not allowed to change anything in the document and has to quote the document correctly. This is a way of getting access to scholarly information for people who are not connected with a university or people who live in a country where nobody can afford expensive subscriptions. The researchers get maximum distribution of their results because anyone with an Internet connection can reach it. Many universities and colleges publish theses, essays, proceedings and other reports free on the Internet. Directory of Open Access Journals

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